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Sacroiliac Joint Ligaments  

The ligaments of the sacroiliac joint are some of the strongest of the body, and are continuous with the joint capsule posteriorly. The presence of sensory nerve fibers in the sacroiliac joint ligaments, both dorsally and ventrally, has been well documented.7,8,9 Trauma to the sacroiliac joint complex may cause disruption of the ligaments and/or joint capsule, and may result in pain and instability.

Anterior Sacroiliac Ligaments
Anterior Sacroiliac Ligament

The anterior sacroiliac ligaments consist of the anterior longitudinal ligament, the anterior si ligament, and the sacrospinous ligament. Their primary function is to resist upward movement of the sacrum and lateral motion of the ilium.

Posterior Sacroiliac Ligaments
Posterior Sacroiliac Ligament

The posterior sacroiliac ligaments consist of the short posterior sacroiliac ligament, the long posterior sacroiliac ligament, the supraspinous ligament, the iliolumbar ligament, and the sacrotuberous ligament. Their function primarily is to resist downward and upward movement of the sacrum and medial motion of the ilium. The sacrotuberous ligament restricts nutation (flexion) of the sacroiliac joint, and the long dorsal ligament restricts counternutation (extension) of the joint.10

Interosseous Sacroiliac Ligaments
Interosseous Sacroiliac Ligament

The interosseous sacroiliac ligaments primarily resist anterior motion of the sacrum.

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