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Sacroiliac Joint Muscles

There is a complex relationship between the muscles of the sacroiliac joint and those of the hip. Contraction of these muscles does not result in direct movement of the sacroiliac joint; instead, several muscles act to stabilize the joint when they contract. Tightness, shortening, weakness, or imbalance of these muscles can result in abnormal forces or instability at the joint.


Muscle groups with attachments to the ilium and/or sacrum include:


  • Gluteus MediusHip extensors: gluteus maximus, hamstring group
  • Hip abductors: sartorius, gluteus maximus (weak)
  • Hip adductors: adductor longus, adductor magnus, gracilis
  • Hip flexors: rectus femoris, tensor fasciae latae, sartorius
  • Hip external rotators: gluteus maximus (weak)
  • Hip internal rotators: tensor fasciae latae
  • Lumbar extensors: erector spinae, quadratus lumborum
  • Lumbar flexors/stabilizers: internal oblique, external oblique


  • Gluteous MediusHip abductors: gluteus medius, gluteus minimus
  • Hip adductors: pectineus
  • Hip flexors: iliopsoas
  • Hip external rotators: piriformis, gemelli, obturators
  • Hip internal rotators: gluteus medius (weak), gluteus minimus (weak)
  • Lumbar flexors/stabilizers: transverse abdominus

Many of these muscles also have relationships to the sacroiliac joint ligaments. In the presence of sacroiliac joint pain, there may be delayed muscle firing during load transference through the pelvis, further complicating the problem.11

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11. Hungerford B et al. Evidence of altered lumbopelvic muscle recruitment in the presence of sacroiliac joint pain. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2003 Jul 15;28(14):1593-600.






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